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Hello, my name is James Hutton, and I am simply a Christian. I seek to follow the Lord in simplicity of His Word, and live according to the authority of Christ and His apostles (Matt. 28:19-20; 2 Pet. 3:1-2). The Mosaic Covenant is also excellent for learning additional spiritual truths (Rom. 15:4).

My study of the Bible has impacted my life in profound ways. I grew up in a nominally Christian home, and essentially never read the Scriptures for the first twenty-five years of my life. I was so ignorant that I didn’t even know what the cross meant. By the beginning of 2005 I decided to give the Bible a chance. I pushed through my fears and read one chapter of it a day. On June 15, 2005, I “invited Jesus into my heart.” The next year I read all of the Bible for the first time, and never found that phrase anywhere in it. I attribute this experience to be among the most important in my life.

This reading and study set me on a journey that resulted in finding a body of believers that strove to follow the Word of God without contradictory traditions of men. This was important to me because I saw a number of confusing practices committed by the denomination that I was a part of at the time. One pivotal text that gave me a lot of concern was Mark 7:5-13. After some in-depth study, I was immersed in water for the forgiveness of sins and added to the Body of Christ on July 28, 2007 (Mark 16:15-16; Acts 2:38; Rom. 6:3-4). I doubt any of it would have happened if I hadn’t read all of the Bible the previous year. As such, I tend to stress the need to read and study all of Scripture, and not just the parts that are the most positive.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and have been blessed with a loving wife and children. Some years ago I wrote a Bible study on the letters of 2 and 3 John.

As a Servant of Him,

James Hutton

About This Website

I began this website on June 1, 2019. I did so as an outpouring of my desire to teach others the Word of God, and to share updates on my writing. As of November 14, 2020, my primary focus of the site changed to releasing my recordings of the New Testament. I plan on posting them as often as is reasonable, but it may mean that I only post once a month (or less). The reason for this change is because sharing the Word of God is of great importance to me, and I am not able to release new recordings while also writing blog articles. For those who are curious of what I said about JamesLHutton.com before this change, please see the text below.

I post new blog articles about 3 or 4 times a month. These often take the form of a Bible study, book review, or reading plan. Some of the things you can expect include,

  • A recognition of the Bible as the inspired Word of God
  • A conservative approach to the text with the context kept in mind
  • Studies that are well-rounded, and provide scriptural basis for what is written
  • The humility to admit when I am unsure about the meaning of a passage

For more details on what I write about, please see my first blog post.

For those curious, the primary translation I use for this website is the World English Bible. I may also rely on other translations as needed. Some of these include the Modern Literal Version, the KJV, and the NKJV. My two most-used Bible study sites are Blue Letter Bible and Bible Hub.

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To send me a question or comment, please use the form below. I will do my best to answer any honest questions. By the way, please check your spam folder periodically in case I respond. Thank you!