The Context of “I Can Do All Things Through Christ,” and Exegetical Fallacies by D. A. Carson

A Bible is open to the book of Psalms. A person has his or her hand on it to keep it open, with a pen tucked between two fingers. He or she is reading, but also ready to make notes in the margins as needed.

As I study the Bible, one concept that I adhere to is keeping passages within their context. Although we learn much from individual verses, our understanding of God's Word is far richer when we see them build on each other. This importance of context was recently highlighted for me when I read Exegetical Fallacies by D. A. Carson.

A Lesson About Scorn Through Jesus’ Conversation With the Samaritan Woman at the Well

A couple of weeks ago I read Final Words From the Cross by Adam Hamilton. One of the strongest points he makes is where he describes Jesus' interaction with the Samaritan woman at the well. After reading it, I was stunned, and actually stopped reading the book for a few moments before rereading the section again. I knew that I had to write a post about his thoughts.