A Book Review of The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History by A. Kenneth Curtis, J. Stephen Lang, and Randy Petersen

A Statue of Martin Luther from Dresden, Germany.

The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History seeks to accomplish a very difficult task. That is to provide a fair list of the 100 most important events in Christian history in just over 200 pages. They strive to provide an overview of events in the perplexing history of the people of God that will provide a convenient look at major contours and catalysts that have shaped Christianity.

A Book Review of Blasphemy by Asia Bibi

A ruined prison cell. Almost half of the walls don't have paint on them, and the floor is just dirt. There is a bed frame, but it is leaning up against a wall. There is a toilet in the corner, with no way to flush it.

Blasphemy, by Asia Bibi, is the memoir of a Catholic woman who was sentenced to death over a cup of water. It tells the story of a simple, illiterate farmer's daughter who was accused of blaspheming against Mohammed and the religion of Islam. This book records what led up to her imprisonment, the first two years of her terrible treatment, and attempts to free her.

A Book Review of Daily Life at the time of Jesus by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh

Two young boys in Israel weaving in front of their home. There is a pole in the middle of the image with one of the boys leaning up against it. Another boy on the left is sitting down and working.

Daily Life at the time of Jesus by Miriam Vamosh presents a rich overview of the culture and circumstances in which the Lord walked the earth. It discusses many aspects of Jewish life in the first century and features a large number of images and illustrations. It does an excellent job of presenting a brief overview of many things that would have been second nature to Jesus' hearers, but are foreign to us.