An overhead shot of a woman reading the Bible. It appears to be a German Bible, and she is open to the Gospel of John.

3 Chapters a Day New Testament Reading Plan

As is apparent from my About Page, I have a high regard for reading the Bible. I attribute a large part of my obedience to the Gospel to reading both the Old and New Testaments in 2005. For a number of years I have dreamed of having a website where I could share Bible reading plans with those who want to read the Word of God in a more systematic fashion.

Today, I am sharing with you my first New Testament reading plan. It is cyclical in nature, and designed to help you read the New Testament every 89 days. The way it works is that the New Testament is broken up into 3 main series of books. These are,

  • The Gospels
  • Paul’s Letters
  • The Book of Acts and Other Writings

As you go along, you read 1 chapter from each of the above. After you complete a series, you start over on it the next day. One interesting aspect about all this is that no group of books has the same number of chapters as another. As such, after 84 days you are done with the “The Book of Acts and Other Writings” series, but 5 more days are left of the Gospels. On the 85th day you return back to Acts chapter 1 after finishing Revelation, but still work toward finishing the Gospels and Paul’s writings.

By reading this way, the books of the New Testament comment on each other, and are also changing often. These aspects may be intriguing to some (I know they are for me!). Another benefit of the plan is that it is not very time intensive. Most of the day’s reading can be completed in about 10 minutes.

You can download a PDF of the plan by clicking here.

Would you like a reading plan be made for a particular topic or series of books? If so, please let me know in the comments below!

Reading Plan in Brief

An image of the top part of the "3 Chapters a Day New Testament Reading Plan."

Name: 3 Chapters a Day New Testament Reading Plan
Scripture Focus: New Testament
Length: 89 Days
Other Features:

  • Cyclical
  • Books change often
  • Scriptures comment on each other

Image Used

Reading the Gospel of John by kolosser417 from Pixabay.