A Bible open to the Psalms. Chapters 117 and 118 are particularly prominent at the center of the image The picture itself is rather basic. It is just an open Bible over a black background.

60 Days With the Psalms Bible Reading Plan

I think it is safe to say that the Psalms are among the most popular books in the Old Testament. It is extremely diverse in its subject matter, and contains dozens of the psalms of King David. Some of the topics it discusses include God’s character (Psa. 103), praise that is due Him (Psa. 148-150), responses to one’s enemies (Psa. 59), and prophecies of the Messiah (Psa. 2, 22). It is actually made up of 5 smaller books that were collected together for a total of 150 psalms. I expect that a straightforward reading of them will be very valuable for many students of the Bible.

As such, I’ve developed this reading plan for those who want to focus on this great book of wisdom. The plan calls for a straightforward reading of about 41 verses a day. This often equates to 2-4 psalms a day, and completes the whole text in 60 days. One of my main goals is to encourage the reading of each psalm all at once. Because of this, if a psalm is rather long, it is often the only one read for the day. The only exception for this is Psalm 119 which is divided up into multiple days.

You can download a PDF of the plan by clicking here.

Reading Plan in Brief

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Name: 60 Days With the Psalms Bible Reading Plan
Scripture Focus: Old Testament Psalms
Length: 60 Days 
Verses per Day: 41 (average)

Image Used

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