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Two Different 5 Chapters a Day Bible Reading Plans Are Now Available for Download

Last year I shared a few Bible reading plans for the Old and New Testaments. Today I am releasing my first two plans that encompass all of Scripture. They are divided into 5 series of books, and each calls for one to read 5 chapters a day. Four of these are from the Old Testament, while the last is for the New. These include,

  • The Pentateuch: Genesis – Deuteronomy
  • History: Joshua – Esther
  • Wisdom Literature: Job – Song of Solomon
  • The Prophets: Isaiah – Malachi
  • The New Testament 

One thing that is distinct about these plans is that I have prepared two different reading orders for the last section. One is straight through the New Testament, with it beginning with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The second version has what I call a “Blended New Testament” order. This calls for the reader to begin with Matthew, and then read Romans and other books that discuss the New Covenant’s relationship with the Old. These include Galatians, Hebrews, and James.

For the case of Mark, it is tied in with most of the other letters that speak of John Mark. Luke is connected with Acts and Paul’s Pastoral Letters. Finally, John’s Gospel includes his letters and Revelation, along with Ephesians. The latter’s inclusion is due to the tradition that John was associated with that city. I find this order to be particularly intriguing. It’s actually how I currently read my New Testament.

You can download a PDF of the plan with the standard New Testament order by clicking here. The Blended New Testament version is available here.

Reading Plans in Brief

The 5 Chapters a Day Bible Reading Plan With Blended New Testament features a unique reading order.

Names: 5 Chapters a Day Bible Reading Plan and 5 Chapters a Day Bible Reading Plan With Blended New Testament

Scripture Focus: The Entire Bible

Length: 260 Days

Other Features:

  • Cyclical
  • Books change often
  • Scriptures comment on each other
  • Two different orders for reading the New Testament

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