An illustration of Jesus washing the feet of the apostles.

The Exaltation of the Humble Reading Plan

Humility, or the lack thereof, lies behind many events in the Bible. Multiple kings of Israel were destroyed because they did not have it. A number of men and women exhibited it in various ways. Jesus taught it by explicit instruction, and also by example. Because of these reasons, reading passages on humility is surely edifying and uplifting for us. 

I say “uplifting” on purpose. God has a remarkable view toward the humble. The Scriptures often record the Almighty encouraging the lowly and raising them up to a higher position. For me, such exaltation is incredibly counterintuitive. The world praises the proud, but God elevates those who are contrite of heart. If we really take that to heart, we will recognize that being humble is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and those we love. It will help us be more compassionate, speak words of encouragement, and live with a spirit of contentment.

Like my reading plan on pride, this is a week in length, but averages a few more verses per day than the prior one. It includes common passages such as the start of Ephesians 4 and Philippians 2, but also some from the Wisdom Literature and a couple of prophets. One extended section that I was particularly excited to add was from Psalm 25. You can download a PDF of my reading plan by clicking here.

Reading Plan in Brief

The top part of The Exaltation of the Humble Reading Plan.

Name: The Exaltation of the Humble Reading Plan
Scripture Focus: Humility
Length: 7 Days
Verses per Day: 10 (average)

Image Used

An Illustration of Jesus Washing the Feet of the Apostles by falco from Pixabay.