An Integrated Reading Plan on Creation

A view of a sunrise over the earth in outer space.

I find the concept of creation to be fascinating. It is remarkable for displaying God's authority and power, while also reminding us of our lowliness before Him. One aspect that may be less apparent is how often some of the topics mentioned during the creation week are found elsewhere in the Bible. This integrated reading plan helps demonstrate these connections.

God Speaking Creation Into Existence Is an Awesome Demonstration of His Authority

A photo of the earth from space. The earth takes up the bottom half of the image. The curve of the planet can be seen and on the edge of it the sun is beginning to be visible.

The Word of God begins with the One who creates. It doesn't start with mountains or trees or the stars. Instead of beginning with the world we see around us its initial focus is on God Himself. This is fitting, for without God there is nothing. Although it may not be immediately apparent, we see God's authority throughout the first chapter of Genesis.