4 Chapters a Day Old Testament Reading Plan

Last month, I shared my first Bible reading plan with the 3 Chapters a Day New Testament Reading Plan. After a short time, one of my readers requested that I also make an Old Testament version. Today, I am pleased to release it!

The plan is broken up into 4 main series of books, and calls for one to read 4 chapters a day. These include,

  • The Pentateuch: Genesis – Deuteronomy
  • History: Joshua – Esther
  • Wisdom Literature: Job – Song of Solomon
  • The Prophets: Isaiah – Malachi

Like the New Testament plan, this one has you jumping from one group of books to the next, until you have read 1 chapter from each group that day. After you finish a book, you go to the next one in the group. After you finish the last book in a group, you start over on it the next day, but continue your progress through the others.

Because the Old Testament is so much longer than the New, it takes a lot longer to complete each group. The longest group takes about 250 days to complete, but the books still change somewhat often, and they still comment on each other too.

You can download a PDF of the plan by clicking here.

My next plan is going to be a combination of this one, and also reading 1 chapter from the New Testament. I will post it online when I complete it. Would you like a reading plan be made for a particular topic or series of books? If so, please let me know in the comments below!

Reading Plan in Brief

An image of the top part of the "4 Chapters a Day Old Testament Reading Plan."

Name: 4 Chapters a Day Old Testament Reading Plan
Scripture Focus: Old Testament
Length: 250 Days

Other Features:

  • Cyclical
  • Books change somewhat often
  • Scriptures comment on each other

Image Used

Closeup of Genesis 1 by Robert Owen-Wahl from Pixabay.