A planner for a week. It shows boxes for Monday - Saturday along the top with lines in each for notes. It also has room for Sunday, a grocery list, and a to do list.

Read a Book of the Bible in a Week Plan

There is much value in an in-depth study of a book of the Bible, but sometimes one can benefit from a quick reading as well. Doing so allows you to see the book’s big picture and overarching themes easily. Such things may be lost if a text is read more slowly. It is with this in mind that I prepared today’s reading plan.

Surprisingly, it is almost 66 reading plans in one. The reason I say this is because it guides you through reading any book of the Bible in just seven days. Do you want to read the Book of Acts in a week? It’s there. What about Isaiah? That one is also present. Even the shortest books of the Bible are represented. This is despite them being able to be read in just a few minutes.

I find repeated reading of Bible books to always yield good fruit. Especially when teaching a class on a particular text. This is even good when rereading short letters such as 2 and 3 John. By becoming more familiar with a book, a stronger understanding of its context is promoted in one’s mind. Such familiarity is likely to result in more accurate and engaging remarks by all involved. It is my hope that many Bible teachers use this plan as they share truths of God’s Word with others. I’m sure that reading the same book for a month or two will pay dividends for years to come.

Another use for this plan may be to read two books simultaneously. As I write this, one example that immediately comes to mind is Ephesians and Colossians. They seem to share a number of similar themes, while also dealing with different problems. I also recall some similarities between Paul’s letters to the Romans and the Galatians. Perhaps some will enjoy reading these two books at the same time and use this plan to do so.

Some users may wonder why the column for Day 4 is in bold. I made it that way so that you can easily discern the midpoint of the seven days without having to look at the top of the page. You can download a PDF of the plan by clicking here.

Reading Plan in Brief

The top part of the Read a book of the Bible in a Week Plan.

Name: Read a Book of the Bible in a Week Plan
Scripture Focus: One Book of the Bible
Length: 7 Days


  • Finish any book of the Bible quickly
  • Can be used repeatedly to read a book many times in a month

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