An open Bible written in a Gothic script. It may be opened to one of the Gospel accounts, or the New Testament in general.

4 Chapters a Day Blended New Testament Reading Plan

Last month I shared two different 5 Chapters a Day Bible Reading Plans. One of these included a “Blended New Testament” as the last part of it. In it, you begin in Matthew, and then read various letters in the New Testament before returning back to the Gospel of Mark. The reason for this is to offer more variety as you read through the text. If you read one chapter a day, it will take nearly 90 days before moving on to the Book of Acts. With this plan, you read Mark’s Gospel in just 16 days, and then move on to 1 Corinthians on day 17.

Today’s plan offers the same grouping of New Testament books as the one from last month, but now directs you to read four chapters from the New Testament instead of just one. It has four groups of books with each one corresponding to a specific Gospel. This allows you to see how the four testimonies of the Lord are similar to each other, and then read other texts that are related to one another.

For example,

  • Matthew includes Romans, Galatians, Hebrews, and James. All of which discuss The Law.
  • Mark contains a more general collection of letters, but ends with the writings of Peter. The reason for this is because the apostle refers to Mark by name. 
  • Luke is connected with the Book of Acts, and what are commonly referred to as the Pastoral Epistles. The former is often said to be written by Luke, while 2 Timothy also mentions his name.
  • John obviously includes his short letters and Revelation, but also Ephesians because he may have lived there.

You can download a PDF of the plan by clicking here.

Reading Plan in Brief

The top part of the 4 Chapters a Day Blended New Testament Reading Plan.

Name: 4 Chapters a Day Blended New Testament Reading Plan
Scripture Focus: The New Testament
Length: 68 Days

Other Features:

  • Cyclical
  • Books change often
  • Scriptures comment on each other

Image Used

An Open Bible With Gothic Text by AliceKeyStudio from Pixabay.