A close-up of a sculpture showing Jesus carrying His cross. In the photo, His cross is over His left shoulder and He is looking toward the right. His right hand is near eye level and on the left side of the image.

Topical Reading Plan on Love

It is safe to say that love is an extremely important topic in the New Testament. Multiple chapters discuss it at length, one of which is 1 Corinthians 13. In that text, the apostle Paul even goes so far as to say that love is greater than faith and hope. I have already prepared plans for both of those topics. You can click here for the one on faith, and here for hope. Today I am finishing this series with the concept of love.

As we may all expect, this reading plan begins with the previously mentioned 1 Corinthians 13. Other such expectant passages include loving your neighbor and Jesus’ command for His disciples to love each other. For this particular plan I noticed that it ends with much of 1 John as well. If you would like to read that book in seven days please check out my Read a Book of the Bible in a Week Plan.  

Like the previous plans in the series, this one is 14 days in length and averages about 10 verses per day. You can download a PDF of it by clicking here.

Reading Plan in Brief

The top part of the Topical Reading Plan on Love.

Name: Topical Reading Plan on Love
Scripture Focus: Love
Length: 14 Days
Verses per Day: 10 (average)

Image Used

Closeup of Jesus Carrying His Cross by marinas32 from Pixabay.

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