The Folly of Pride Reading Plan

Pride is involved with us being tempted to sin against God, and is admittedly an unpleasant topic to discuss. However, it is important for us to study so that we understand why we should resist it. That is one of the purposes for this reading plan. I hope that it brings the folly of pride to light in our lives, and motivates each of us to destroy it within ourselves through Christ.

As you may know, the Bible speaks of being proud, arrogant, and prideful in a multitude of different places. A great number of these teachings are various Proverbs, and about half of this guided reading is made up of verses from that book. The other half includes selections from Isaiah, Romans, James, and more

One thing that may surprise the reader is that this plan limits the passages that it brings up. In designing it, I have purposely left out verses that condemn pride in specific contexts. Two that stand out for me are the statements against Edom from the prophet Obadiah and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. I have instead focused on very small texts that are general in nature.

This is my shortest reading plan so far; it is just a week in length and averages about 6 verses per day. You can download a PDF of it by clicking here. I plan on doing a companion reading plan for humility in the future.

Reading Plan in Brief

The top part of The Folly of Pride Reading Plan.

Name: The Folly of Pride Reading Plan
Scripture Focus: Pride
Length: 7 Days
Verses per Day: 6 (average)

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