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Audio Recordings of 1 John From the World English Bible (WEB)

Sometimes certain concepts are repeated by a person in the Bible so often that they are routinely associated with that individual. For instance, due to all of the tragedies he endured, and prophesied, Jeremiah is known as The Weeping Prophet. Likewise, James is often connected with his many teachings related to The Law. Finally, John is thought of as The Apostle of Love, which makes total sense. He refers to love many times in his writings, especially in 1 John.

That text contains many statements that are famous for Christians. “God is love,” from the fourth chapter, is particularly noteworthy. It highlights the fact that the book says a lot about God’s character. We need to keep this in mind because we cannot grasp the full meaning of love without also knowing just how much He loves us. As other passages teach us, this love was demonstrated by Jesus dying for our sins. Because of His mercy and grace toward us, we can be forgiven of our sins, and love the brethren as He desires of us.

If you want to hear a sample of my reading, check out the recording from the second chapter. Considering this project as a whole, I’m grateful to God for the good progress made thus far. With 1 John being completed, all of the New Testament books that are five chapters in length, or shorter, are now done. The next upload will be for Galatians, but I won’t be able to complete it until the end of February. I am unable to work on it much until later in the month.

Audio Recordings in Brief

Book Included: 1 John
File Size: 10.00 MB
Duration of Recordings: 14 minutes and 27 seconds
Chapters Recorded: 5
Sample Available: 1 John Chapter 2

Totals for All Recordings

Duration of All Recordings: 2 hours, 1 minute, and 34 seconds
All Books Recorded: 14 of 27
All Chapters Recorded: 45 of 260

Previous Recordings

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