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Audio Recordings of Galatians From the World English Bible (WEB)

One of the most prevalent challenges faced by early Christians was how to respond to the commands from the Old Testament. The apostle Paul addressed the issue in some of his letters, including Romans. Additional information on the matter can also be found in the epistles of James and Hebrews. For those who want a brief treatise on the Law and salvation, Galatians is an excellent choice.

Paul felt compelled to write to the saints in the region of Galatia because they were turning away from the Faith. False teachers had taught them error, and they were now thinking that circumcision was necessary to be saved. This was so strongly entrenched that the apostle stood in doubt of them. Near the end he even said that those who are justified by the Law have fallen from grace (Gal. 5:4).

Strong words such as those are found throughout the letter. At the beginning of the third chapter he even tells the Galatians that they are foolish. To hear it, and more, you can listen to my sample from the book.

The next text I’ll be working on will be Ephesians. I hope to complete it and 1 Timothy by the end of March.

Audio Recordings in Brief

Book Included: Galatians
File Size: 12.9 MB
Duration of Recordings: 18 minutes and 34 seconds
Chapters Recorded: 6
Sample Available: Galatians Chapter 3

Totals for All Recordings

Duration of All Recordings: 2 hours, 20 minutes, and 8 seconds
All Books Recorded: 15 of 27
All Chapters Recorded: 51 of 260

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